comedycentral Launch a new mobile application for android devices for one of their leading TV brands, working closely with the graphic designers and software developers to optimize the UI for android, including managing the software development schedule and feature priorities.
neweggLogo Define and launch a mobile sweepstakes service consisting of a series of HTML5-based mobile games for a trade show event to generate increased customer awareness and repeat customer visits to their website.
AgilysysLogo Launch a new property management dashboard for mobile devices that allows onsite property managers of hotels, resorts, and casinos to obtain real-time statistics about their properties, including occupancy rates, reservation details, and routine task management for their staff equipped with mobile devices.
storiestarter Work with a video production company and a social media management company to jointly create a business plan and define a social media and Google adwords marketing campaign to promote services to entrepreneurs looking to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. Produce original content for sharing via social media.
Launch an enterprise collaboration application for iOS devices that allows users to share, review, and exchange office documents and messages stored in Microsoft Sharepoint,, and from their ipad and iphone devices. Marketing activities included creating product collateral, usability research, and PR.
CamrasVisionLogo Work with the co-founders of a medical device startup creating a device for treating glaucoma to review and optimize their investor presentation and get them ready to present to an angel investor deal screening committee.
TimeboxLogo Define and launch a PR campaign to promote the Photo Journal application for iOS devices to industry writers and bloggers. Define and conduct usability testing on early beta versions of the product with early adopter customers.